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The LED screen is a relatively new technology when it comes to television, and it is fast becoming a popular thing to have. LED screens work by emitting light as opposed to reflecting it. The result of this is a much brighter image than what you would get with a standard screen. Another plus point of the LED screen is the fact that it responds incredibly quickly, especially when being switched on and off.

The LCD screen is very different from the LED, yet still a popular choice. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Diode; the technology behind the screen. The LCD technology works by blocking light, which gives a higher quality image. However, the problem with the LCD screen is that it is slower to respond than the LED screen.

Common Problems Associated with LCD-LED TVs:

  • black screen
  • loss of sound
  • inside component issues


  • models with advanced local dimming backlights can have black levels rivaling plasma
  • LED-LCD panels are thin and lightweight — especially models with edge-lit backlights
  • this is the most energy-efficient display technology


  • picture may look a bit flat and less “filmlike” than plasmas
  • when viewed off-axis the picture may lose some contrast and color

It is severely unsafe to try and fix your LCD or LED TV yourself. If you attempt to repair your television on your own, you may expose yourself and your family to toxic components within the TV. Also, LCD-LED TV components are small and fragile. It is very easy to do more damage to your TV while trying to fix it.

If you encounter any damage or operational issues with your LCD or LED TV set, our well-trained expert team at TV Repair Company can fix your problem quickly and within your time frame. You can simply contact us through our company email or call us at 416.882.0900.