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The plasma screen seems to be a very popular choice these days. A plasma screen is layered with millions of cells that are coloured with red, blue and green. It emits ultraviolet light when the built in computer chip tells it to. The image produced is usually of a very high quality.

Common Problems Associated with Plasma TVs:

  • Overheating
  • Screen Burn
  • Small Part Issues

Plasma TV Pros:

  • excellent contrast and black levels
  • effortless motion
  • uniform illumination over the entire screen area
  • good picture depth
  • often priced lower than LED-LCD models with similar screen size and features

Plasma TV Cons:

  • limited screen sizes: 42″-65″
  • some models not as bright as most LED-LCD TVs
  • not as energy-efficient as LED-LCDs and typically generate more heat
  • a plasma panel is usually a bit heavier and thicker than an LED-LCD panel

It is severely unsafe to try and fix your plasma TV yourself. If you attempt to repair your television on your own, you may expose yourself and your family to toxic components within the TV. Also, plasma TV components are small and fragile. It is very easy to do more damage to your TV while trying to fix it.

If you encounter any damage or operational issues with your plasma TV set, our well-trained expert team at TV Repair Company can fix your problem quickly and within your time frame. You can simply contact us through our company email or call us at 416.882.0900.