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LG TV Repair

LG Television Maintenance and Repair Tips

If you maintain and repair your LG television, the need for replacement doesn’t arrive too soon. The life of your TV screen increases and the circuits inside stay in top-notch condition.

To have a highly functional LG television for a long time, you can follow a few valuable maintenance and LG tv repair tips.

  1. Allow your television to rest regularly

Your LG television can last for about 65000 hours. But this lifespan depends on the rest you offer from time to time. If your television stays powered on all the time it reduces the lifespan gradually. Keeping the television on even if you have to spend most of the time away from the screen is a harmful habit. Your television needs a rest from time to time. So, switch on only when you are sitting and watching. Then, switch off at least once every 2 hours.

  1. Ensure surge protection

The circuits in your television can get severely damaged if a voltage spike occurs again and again. Whenever there is a power cut, the electricity hits your equipment with a shock. Along with that, the fluctuations in power voltage also damage television circuits gradually.

You need a surge protector to keep your TV protected from voltage spikes.

  1. Keep the brightness optimal

If your TV is running on the maximum brightness, you are damaging it. Running for hours on the maximum brightness can decrease the quality of your screen. Also, maximum brightness also harms your eyes. So, it would be wise to keep the brightness optimal.

  1. Use the correct contrast

The picture quality stays excellent on a new TV, but it decreases as time passes. In a few years, you start experiencing a little change in the picture quality. However, this change in the quality can be reduced by maintaining the contrast levels.

A high contrast increases the pace of picture quality reduction in a television. Even a low contrast can set the television screen on the same level. Hence, it is advisable to keep changing the rate of contrast consistently.

  1. Provide enough ventilation space

Your LG television generates heat whenever in use. This heat needs to come out, so the television set stays cool. No ventilation in the nearby area and heat up of the circuit inside. Regular heated circuits become faulty, which reduces the lifespan. So, you need to ensure that the television area has enough space for the heat to get out easily.

  1. Keep it clean

A simple cleaning habit and save you from a lot of repair cost. All you need to do is wipe off the dust that gets layered on your television screen and the other areas. This dust can reach the internal space of your TV if you leave it like that.

To clean your television, you can wipe the exterior dust with a clean, dry cloth. Plus, use a small-sized electronic vacuum cleaner to clean the corners and holes in the television.

  1. Avoid too cold temperature in your room

We all like to make the environment cozy by putting the AC on a cold level. But this low temperature can cause damage in the parts of television. You need to avoid freezing temperatures in your TV room. Try keeping the AC on a comfortably cold temperature. This small habit will save your television from facing extreme temperature changes frequently.

  1. Utilize home calls for repairs

When it comes to TV repair, you should utilize home facilities. Moving a damaged television from one place to another can further increase the problem, especially if you do it on your own. The better choice is to call professionals at home. They can diagnose the damage right there. If the problem is repairable at home, the professionals can do that. Or, they can safely transfer the television for further repair without damaging it. There are similar tv repair Brampton services, which you can utilize for your damaged television.

Simple maintenance habits reduce the requirement of repair work on a TV. Similarly, on-time repair saves from the requirement of replacing your TV. So, keep following the tips offered in this article and enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies at home. Also, keep contacts of professional TV repair providers in advance!


Samsung TV repair

Samsung LED TV Repair – What’s the Risk?

When you own an expensive, advanced LED TV such as Samsung LED, you worry about its safety. But it’s a machine and problems in an LED are common in its lifetime.
You can’t choose a random professional or repair it on your own. A wrong move can further damage your LED TV and make repair work impossible.
TV Repair Company understands your samsung tv repair concerns and works to resolve all of them.
Here are all the risks you can avoid with TV Repair Company.

Risk #1- Diagnosing on your own
It is common to look at the plugs, wiring and other connections to find out the problem with your LED. But you can’t go beyond that and open your LED to check its parts on your own. If you have no expertise in repairing television of LED kind, this is a risky task. You can easily damage the working areas of your television, which will increase the damage and repair price.
Instead of following a DIY diagnosis, you can choose TV Repair Company for house calls. The skilled professionals come right away to diagnose the problems with your Samsung and other brands of LED.

Risk #2- False claims of expertise in LED TV repair
There are several TV repair workers who don’t have any expertise in LED repair. But they still promise quality repair work. This is another risk you need to avoid. A professional with not enough expertise in LED repair is no good for the work. So, you need to check the credentials of professionals you hire for tv repair Brampton and in other locations. A wrong professional can further damage your television.
The best way to ensure expertise is to check the credentials regarding LED TV repair. Find companies, in which, professionals specialize in repairing LEDs. TV Repair Company is one such service provider with certified technicians. You can check the credentials any time before choosing the company for your TV repair work. The professionals specialize in repairing LED, so you can trust the services.

Risk #3- Not getting the repair on time
Most LED owners have to face the risk of not finding the right professionals on time. Your television is an important source of entertainment at home, so you need the repair work as quickly as possible. At the same time, delaying the repair work can increase the problems in your TV.
To avoid this risk, you can utilize the services of TV Repair Company. The company offers house calls in all the major locations such as Markham, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Toronto, and Mississauga. Presence in all these locations makes TV Repair Company a responsive option. You can obtain immediate LED repair with certified technicians.

Risk #4- Unavailability of required equipment
The safety of your LED television and home depends on the equipment utilized by the repair technicians. They need to have the latest equipment required for LED repair. Otherwise, it presents safety risks along with the risk of not repairing the television properly. Even skilled professionals can’t repair an LED without the right kind of equipment.
This risk is avoidable if you choose TV Repair Company. The firm has years of experience and an advanced collection of technology-oriented equipment. The technicians come prepared in advance. They wear safety clothing and utilize the best possible equipment. This way, you can ensure a safe, risk-free LED TV repair work.

Risk #5- Not choosing the best repair price
There is a risk that you pay more than you should when looking for LED repair. You feel concerned about your expensive television, which clouds your ability to think about the prices in front of you.
You need to think smartly and choose the most beneficial deals to ensure a budget-friendly repair work. The goal should be to find the balance of quality repair and cost-effectiveness. And TV Repair Company is the perfect place to have it all. The certified LED repair professionals become available at a competitive price. Plus, you receive warranties on the repair work.
Keeping all the risks in mind, you should call TV Repair Company whenever your Samsung LED requires a repair work. Hopefully, this has reduced your concerns regarding the quality and cost of TV repair.


Toshiba plans to cut 7,800 jobs ahead of expected loss

Source By: Theglobeandmail

Toshiba warned on Monday it would incur its largest net loss ever as it tries to restructure a stable of unprofitable businesses.

The Japanese company, whose financial struggles were laid bare this year in a $1.2-billion (U.S.) accounting scandal, said it would eliminate 7,800 jobs, mostly in its slumping consumer-electronics division. That brings the number of job cuts announced this year to more than 10,000 total, or roughly 5 per cent of its work force.

The Japanese Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, a government financial-market watchdog, is pursuing a 7.3-billion-yen fine against Toshiba, which would be the largest such penalty imposed in the country.

Like many Japanese tech giants, Toshiba has been reluctant to close or sell money-losing divisions such as televisions and home appliances, which employ thousands of people but whose competitiveness has been undercut by producers in lower-cost countries.

In addition, analysts say, Toshiba never managed to digest its acquisition of Westinghouse in 2006, which cost it $5.4-billion (U.S.). Its problems only deepened with the financial crisis and the nuclear meltdowns in Fukushima in 2011, which crippled the atomic power industry in Japan. Toshiba is one of the biggest suppliers of equipment to Japanese electric utilities, both for nuclear and conventional fossil-fuel generation.


It’s time to buy new TV? How to make a decision whether to go Black Friday TV shopping

Date: December 08, 2015

Source: The Vancouver Sun


Staying at house has not at all been more enjoyable.

You can hit into a virtually endless supply of music and set your feet up to look at entire seasons of The Walking Dead, or your favorite movies.

And, not including the rate of your online or TV connection, the monthly tab for all that activity could be fewer than you expend going out for a movie and a popcorn.

Of course, that’s on you shell out for your new $4,500 65-inch curved 4K TV.

Is it time to upgrading your TV? How do you decide the streaming service that suits you most excellent?

So you’ll have a possibility to plan before the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday, we get you a few answers to those questions.

If your television is not working correctly or has suddenly shut down, you need to look no further than TV Repair Toronto working from last 20 years.

When do you know if it’s time to upgrade your TV?

First, how old is it? If you bought your TV before 2000, you’ll find a outstanding variation in today’s models, even if you buy at entry level.

What is the resolution of your TV? If it is 1080p, you may be OK to continue with that for a while longer before upgrading to 4K. But if your screen resolution is 720p or less, you’ll most likely welcome an upgrade. With the worth of 4K TVs falling, you can get one as low as $1,000. Though, if your home theatre needs a 70-inch-plus screen, get prepared to shell out upwards of $10,000 or more.

Is your TV fat or super skinny? Even if it has a flat screen, if you can’t suspend it flat against a wall, probability are it’s an older model that has seen better days.

How big is it? If you bought a 32-inch since it was so cheap, but you require binoculars to watch the puck while the Canucks play, perhaps it’s time to upsize. The THX, which sets standards in audio visual entertainment, advises you find the best size by dividing the size of your screen by .84. That means you’d have to be seated just over 3 feet far from that 32-inch TV (the measurement is on the oblique). If your sofa is just over six feet away, THX recommend a 65-inch TV. That’s maybe larger than you estimated and price might play a part in your choice to buy smaller than best possible. The fine news is that TV prices are always going down, so that 4K TV that is outside your plan this year may appear within reach next year.

How smart is your TV? Smart TVs can attach directly to the Internet, even though there are lots of set top boxes, such as Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast and others that will allow you connect to online services such as Netflix. Also if you have TV service such as Shaw or Telus Optik TV, they’ll provide streaming services as part of their menu.

Curved or flat screen? We had Samsung’s 65-inch SUHD curved TV to try out for a couple of weeks, and felt it was a much more immersive experience than a 55-inch model. Viewing was superior at great angles than with our TV, though some reviewers say the difference isn’t sufficient to pay a premium for the curve.

TV Repair is ready for your call. We do house calls at a time that is convenient to you. You can simply contact us through our company email or call us at 416-882-0900


Wall Mounting Brackets

Wall Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets are used to mount a television on a wall or ceiling. This can save space and enhance viewing. There are a variety of TV mounting options. It is important to work with a TV specialist to pick the correct mounting bracket for your space and your TV. A TV specialist can help you determine which brackets are compatible with your TV.

Here are some of the many available mounting brackets.


Low Profile – Also called a fixed or stationary mount it is designed to hold TV flat against the wall. Placement cannot be adjusted once mounted. It may not be compatible with flat panel TVs that have a rear protrusion.


Tilting – Similar to fixed mounts but allow for downward tilting movement. Enhances viewing of television mounted high up on wall and angle can be adjusted after mounting and locked securely in place.


Ultra Thin – Also referred to as a slim mount it allows the television to sit closer to wall than other mounts. It is available in stationary or tilting styles.


Articulating – Also known as a cantilever mount the TV is mounted on retractable arm attached to wall bracket. It allows for wide range of motion and TV can be pulled away from wall and swiveled to left or right. It is ideal for rooms with multiple viewing locations.


Swivel – Similar to low-profile mount, but allows for horizontal movement. Less range of motion than an articulating mount with extendable support arm and some models also offer tilting capabilities.


Ceiling – Attaches to ceiling rather than wall and is used when wall-mounting is awkward or impossible. Can also be used to mount movie projectors.


Platform – Designed for older CRT models rather than flat-screen TVs. Television sits on a shelf supported by an arm attached to a wall or ceiling.


Under Cabinet – Space-saving mount for under-cabinet placement and often used in kitchens and cubicles. Display can be flipped down for viewing or folded up and hidden away. Better-suited to small screen sizes.


LED, LCD, Plasma: What is the difference?

LED, LCD, Plasma: What is the difference?

There are many types of televisions. This is can make it difficult for an average buyer to pick the television that best fits his or her needs. Below are the descriptions or the most common forms of televisions (LED, LCD and plasma) and the pros and cons of each.


LED Screen TV

The LED screen is a relatively new technology when it comes to television, and it is fast becoming a popular thing to have. LED screens work by emitting light as opposed to reflecting it. The result of this is a much brighter image than what you would get with a standard screen. Another plus point of the LED screen is the fact that it responds incredibly quickly, especially when being switched on and off. As you can see, there are a lot of things that make the LED screen a popular choice when it comes to televisions.


  • Improved Viewing Angle
  • Improved Black Levels
  • Better Brightness
  • Better Color Consistency
  • Longer Lifespan
  • No Burn-in


  • Uses more energy than LCD
  • Can be Less Wall Mount Friendly
  • More Expensive than LCD

LCD Screen TV

The LCD screen is very different from the LED, yet still a popular choice. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Diode; the technology behind the screen. The LCD technology works by blocking light, which gives a higher quality image. However, the problem with the LCD screen is that it is slower to respond than the LED screen. This means that when there is a break in the electrical current such as when you switch the TV off, the image becomes blurred for a brief period of time.


  • Extremely High Resolutions
  • Excellent Color
  • Great Picture
  • Energy Efficiency
  • No Burn-in


  • Poor Reproduction of Blacks
  • Limited Viewing Angle
  • Limited Brightness

Plasma Screen TV

The plasma screen seems to be a very popular choice these days. A plasma screen is layered with millions of cells that are coloured with red, blue and green. It emits ultraviolet light when the built in computer chip tells it to. The image produced is usually of a very high quality. However, some people still prefer the older models of televisions.


  • Excellent Contrast and Black Levels
  • Effortless Motion
  • Uniform Illumination
  • Good Picture Depth
  • Less Expensive Than LCD and LED at Similar Size


  • Limited Screen Sizes
  • Low Brightness
  • Not as Energy Efficient
  • Heavier and Thicker
  • Can Overheat