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Clarkson-Lorne Park TV Repair, if your television is not working correctly or has suddenly shut down, you need to look no further than TV Repair Clarkson-Lorne Park working from last 20 years. Their team of TV repair specialists provide repair and part replacement for LCD, LED, plasma and CRT TVs along with TV mounting. Clarkson-Lorne Park TV Repair also provides repair and part replacement services for other audio visual equipment.

TV Repair in Clarkson-Lorne Park for LCD, LED and plasma TVs are complicated pieces of machinery. It is highly recommended to get a TV repair specialist to fix your TV for you. Our team of TV repair specialists in Clarkson-Lorne Park know all the brands of LCD, LED and plasma TVs and how to fix them.

Clarkson-Lorne Park TV repair works on all models, following are the most common models:

  • Sony
  • Hitachi
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • RCA
  • Pioneer
  • JVC
  • Zenith
  • Toshiba

Clarkson-Lorne Park TV Repair provide repairs and part replacement for other audio visual equipment such as home projectors, video cassette recorders, Hi-Fi and professional audio equipment, i Players and Sky Box.

TV mounting is more than just an aesthetic and space saving choice. Proper television mounting ensures product and personal safety. A television fall will not only severely damage the TV and the wall, but may also injure or kill a family member. Our Clarkson-Lorne Park team of TV specialists can mount your TV so that it is safe, secure, and convenient.

Many people believe it is better to replace a broken television than it is to replace it. We at TV Repair Company offer a quick home call out service at a time that fits your schedule. We also provide a free quote over the phone and a 90 day warranty on our repairs.

Any seniors looking to have their TV repaired should strongly consider Clarkson-Lorne Park TV Repair Company. We understand what a hassle TV repairs can be for seniors. We take extra care in serving our senior customers and offer a 10% discount for any TV repairs.

TV Repair in Clarkson-Lorne Park has over 20 years experience serving Clarkson-Lorne Park. We set high standards for ourselves. This includes the speed with which we make our repairs, the quality of our work and our unfailing customer service.

Clarkson-Lorne Park TV Repair is ready for your call. We do house calls at a time that is convenient to you. You can simply contact us through our company email or call us at 416-882-0900