There is no denying that televisions have been one of the favorite mediums of entertainment and information for a very long time. People from all age groups admire this appliance for always being there as an enjoyable companion. Be it about cartoons for kids or music for youngsters, about news or movies, there is no dearth of options here. It is true and wowing how the technology embedded in TVs has evolved over the years. Let’s know about such varieties for which one can seek professional TV Repair Brampton services whenever required.

Cathode Ray Tube or CRT

It is probably the oldest type of television on this current list. As old as the 20th century, these TVs were considered to be no less than a luxury in their times. A CRT TV is a setup comprising a projector gun and a display screen. It will not be an exaggeration to say that these types have become almost obsolete because of their bulky size and outdated tech. However, some households or offices might still have them for one or the other reason. An adept repairer will be able to fix the casual screening or blotching issues.


Plasmas stand out on the list for having a unique kind of technology-infused in their system as compared to other options. It uses plasma between its layers which is a charged gas that is known to illuminate light and display on the screen. Like CRTs, these also have become outdated, but the chances of their usage are slightly higher than that of CRTs in today’s times. However, a regular TV repairer is usually capable of correcting any blurry or noisy hassles with a plasma TV.

Liquid Crystal Display or LCD

This came like an impressive innovation after CRTs. Its sales rocketed because of its thinner dimensions and liquid crystals embedded for improved picture quality. Even these televisions are somewhat less in demand nowadays because of more advanced options in the market. However, people still use them for simpler purposes like camera installations and more. They do not take much space and are easily portable. If you face some troubles with their usage, contact a knowledgeable TV repairman to fix the same adeptly.

Light Emitting Diodes or LED

LEDs and LCDs were quite a in popularity together in the same duration. The distinction between both these technologies was about the back-light mechanism as clear from their names. Even the size of the television became leaner. Emitted diodes made them better at being energy efficient when put in comparison with LCDs. Even in the trend of smart TVs, there are numerous households, offices, and other commercial places that still use an LED. Choose a professional worker to deal with any sound or display problem in your LED TV.

Not to forget, Smart TVs are the latest addition to the list and every household or workplace. Their ability to get connected with the internet and smartphones has wowed everyone. Always choose a reputed and proficient repairer to fix any type of display or functional problem therein.

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