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When you sit down in front of your TV to catch up on your favourite show after a hectic day at work, you could notice that your television is giving you problems. You would hate nothing more than to miss a vital episode and wait for a repeat.

You can face common TV problems as usage increases. Even the most significant and expensive TVs occasionally experience problems. You can solve some of the issues yourself, but you might need professional assistance from others.

Today, in this article, here is a list of common TV problems and their solutions that might help you with your smart TV problems.

Let’s dive in!

6 Most Common Smart TV Problems & Their Fixes

Below are the 6 most common TV screen problems and the fixes discussed :

  1. No Picture – You must likely have a weak signal if your TV picture breaks up or cuts in. To ensure all the connections are secure, check the connection from the wall to the cable box and from that to the television. You can contact your satellite provider if you still face problems or a repairperson.
  • Unsynchronized Audio – Uncomfortable audio lags make for an awful watching experience. You can face this issue when you utilize the built-in speakers on the TV. You should know whether the TV, the source device, or the broadcast source causes the unsynchronized audio.

Change the station if you are experiencing it on cable television to see whether the issue continues. If not, the delayed audio channel will probably resolve itself. Adjust the audio delay in your cable box’s settings if you observe out-of-sync audio on the cable channel.

  • Lines on the Screen – Open the TV menu if your screen has lines. The panel must be changed if these lines run through the menu or the screen is damaged. If your TV has an extended warranty and the board shows lines, your TV will probably be replaced.

A guarantee would not cover the screen if it were physically shattered; therefore, you would regretfully have to buy a new smart television.

  • Not Connected to the Internet – Most TVs have innovative capabilities that let you connect. You can easily watch all your favourite TV shows on your smart TV. If your internet connection has been modified, this functionality might not function properly.

Make sure to verify the router is appropriately configured. Moreover, check if there is any router-related reception issue. Consider installing and reinstalling a programme if it is not functioning.

  • Dim or Discolored Display – If only one channel is affected by the dimness or colouring, it will go away quickly after some time. You need to see your TV settings if you are seeing it everywhere. Most TV models feature a ‘restore default’ option if you believe a setting was altered unintentionally.
  • Not Matching Audio and Video – Nothing is more irritating than when you can see someone’s mouth is moving but can’t hear what they are saying. You hear someone say ‘hi’ after their mouth has stopped moving after you watch them open and close.

It feels like listening to a voice-over in a foreign language. You need to change the audio delay in the audio settings on your TV or cable box.


In the end, if you face the common TV problems mentioned above with your smart television, you can hire TV Repair Company for Canada. Our professionals assist you in locating and resolving any troubleshooting flat screen TV problems.

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